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Casanova Guide to Marketing

Bulletproof way to Woo your customers and make them a raging fan of your product

Romance Your Users

I was watching this cute music video of a couple and midway through the video, it struck me. That’s such a perfect way to get a girl, I bet I can find an ideal Sales Funnel in this. So I did.

How romantic are you with your customers?

Well, the answer is, you should be.

Every (good) love affair is exactly like a customer relationship. Both of them go through these 5 steps before the final Climax. No pun intended. Kind of.

They See each Other

or the customer see your brand or website for the first time

They See each Other

Suppose your awesome social media and marketing team has promoted your product across all relevant platform and then comes the moment when your user notice you. Here the crucial factor is to look presentable for them to have a good first impression.

You need a Conversation Opener or an Icebreaker here. Good Branding, Aesthetic Design and Punchlines play an important role here.

They get to know each other better

or your customer visits your blog or website directly or via retargeting ad

They get to know each other better

So you have been stalking her, trying to talk to her. And you got a response in affirmative.
A new prospect has clicked on your retargeting ad or have arrived at your website via referral. Now its time to get acquainted. Delight them, value their time and above all treat her special.

This is where Content, Retargeting, User Segmentation and User Behaviour Analysis plays the part. You need to know about your users. Know what they like or dislike.

She says her first YES

or the customer gives their email to you or sign up for a demo

She says her first YES

Well, I would give you a brownie point for even reaching this stage.
Customer has finally taken a step forward and given you their email or signed up for that free demo or any other low ticket product. That’s definitely a great start.

Here personalised sales pages, consistency and “feel good factor” comes into the play. You need to be sure on how to pitch users for that first micro-conversion and what is the most value you can provide them with that.

You love her with all you have

or you provide the user with so much value that they trust you and your brand

You love her with all you have

You don’t just sell your low ticket product and forget the customer. Just like you don’t ignore her after the first date. You follow up. You provide as much value as you can for them to trust you.

The only way through this stage is to provide your best possible content (in that price point) and keep updated with them. Don’t let the user churn, follow up with them regularly. Offer loyalty program, send them gifts/offers.

You finally Propose her

You finally sell your high-ticket product to the customer

You finally Propose her

For the final stage that you were all waiting for. You finally think that it's the time you propose her. This is in fact the easiest stage of all. Your customer know you, trust you and is probably ready to take this ahead.
You just need to ask for sale at the right time and the right way. You need to have a great a offering, and offer something that really solves a major problem for the user.

To put that formally into the marketing terms here is the Customer Relationship Funnel we just went through:

Don’t treat your customers like a herd of visitors on your website.

Each customer is unique and has its own unique requirements. You need to nurture them with valuable content and give them some time to trust you, rather than asking for a sale in first point of contact (or asking for a girl to marry you the first time you meet her :D )

Building valuable relationships with customer always reaps long time benefits.

So there you have it,
All you need to know to seduce your audience and make them love you like crazy. :)